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SEAT Leon 5F, функция складывания наружных зеркал, TPI /2

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    1. @Marouan Nouma Same problem i Have with my Seat Ateca. and im from morocco also

    2. Im From Morocco and i have problem with activation Full Link, i just bought a brand new SEAT LEON FR GP, would you please help me to activate the system on my car?

    1. Hello. Please, visit to know more about SEAT available models and to find your nearest dealer. Best regards!

  1. How to use it wireless? I dont want to pług in usb to my Phone during every short trips through town… I want to use it wireless. What tool do I need to małe it possible?

  2. Thx for selling a car for 20 k and asking for activation afterwards for 300 euros

    1. @SEAT I have same problem I brought seat Alhambra 2018 reg but I cant turn on app its really complicated

    2. Hello, could you please let us know about your country of residence so we can help you out more in deep with your issue? Thank you.

    1. Hi, we would like to help you and in order to inform you accordingly and more in deep regarding this topic, we would like you to send a detailed email with your request to: [email protected]. Thank you so much.

  3. Bit of a joke really Seat. I paid £36,000 for my Seat Alhambra last year and have just been told that to use CarPlay I need to pay out £237 for out local Seat Dealer to activate it. Unbelievable, a £36,000 car and they want extra to just activate the hardware that is already present.

    1. Hello David, thank you for letting us know. Could you tell us your country of residence to help you?

    1. @Nicole Malgat You have to take into account that SEAT is an international brand, thats why our main language to communicate is English
      . Of course, we accompany our videos with subtitles in different languages so that they can be better understood
      . Thanks for your support anyway 🙂

    2. @SEAT Je sais regarder les sous titres, mais je trouve fastidieux leur lecture . Pour lire, il y a déjà le manuel papier, merci. Ayant acheté une voiture neuve en France , je trouve tout à fait dommage de me contenter de sous titres qui défilent assez vite ….Vous allez peut-être me répondre quil y a larrêt sur image . Cest vrai aussi . Mais une vidéo en français nest pas superflue . En tous cas, merci pour votre réponse bien quelle ne me donne pas de solutions

    3. Hello Nicole. For this video you have available the subtitles in French. To activate them, please go to the main menu located at the bottom right of the screen and click the settings icon; then choose one of the eight available subtitles.

  4. I have a seat tarraco xcellence but I dont have the option for the media control on my cars infotainment system

  5. Hi
    how to roll up / down by keyless entry system
    There is a setting to active that system??
    I know how to roll up / down by key
    But when I try to press the ouch door for a while nothing happens
    I rapidly need ur reply 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  6. Hello Seat
    I have just bought myself my dream car the SEAT ATECA with 20000 km on the counter but I am asked to pay 2300 Danish kroner to get my full link activated. Honestly I find that appalling.

    1. Hello. Please get in touch with your local Customer Service by email, [email protected] , they are best suited to help out with this and will be happy to assist. Kind regards, SEAT.

    1. SEAT I’m based in the Uk, I have 2017 Leon cupra full link works fine, but I also have a 2015 Leon FR and it says I have to contact my dealer for full link?

    2. Hi. Could you please tell us your country of residence to give you further assistance?